Tinkerbell Outfits

Tinkerbell outfits are cool. Here are 10 reasons why you should get a Tinkerbell fairy costume.

  1. Tinkerbell is magical. If you are going to have a fancy dress party, then you are suspending disbelief. And if you are going to be doing that, who better to represent fantasy and fun than a magical fairy?
  2. She is well known. The story of Peter Pan is one of the childhood classics. So everyone will know about that certain mischievous fairy, and so you will not look of place in a Tinkerbell outfit!
  3. Unique costume. We all know of white fairies, but Tinkerbell is explicitly green. If you are going to wear a green fairy costume, people will instantly assume that you are dressing as Tinkerbell!
  4. She is fun and fiesty. Everyone knows this fairy has a bit of a temper to her if she is not treated right. So you can be a fun woman, but one with attitude if anyone dares mess with you.
  5. She has had her own film made. What charactersa that are not even the main star of a novel or movie manage to get a novel or movie made about them? Well Tinkerbell did, Disney recently made a movie dedicated to her.
  6. Choice of Tinkerbell outfits. Do you prefer to look sexy or just pretty? Well you have a choice as you can get Tinkerbell costumes that fit both types. Just want to look pretty nd maybe have a pair of wings? You can have that. Or if you fancy showing off a little bit more thigh and cleavage, then you can get a magical Sexy Tinkerbell Costume to achieve thatb purpose too.
  7. Accessories. Not all costumes allow you to have accessories. But with Tinkerbell you can have wings, often as part of the costume, but you may be able to get some separately if they do not come with the Tinkerbell outfit by default. And of course being a fairy, you need a magic wand to work good magic for people that you like, and turn anyone that crosses you into a frog.
  8. Budget. A tinkerbell costumje need not cost much at all – it depends on how fancy and elaborate you want it to be as to how much it will cost you. And if you are handy at making clothes? Tinkerbell outfits can be home made – not that’s one way to ensure you are unique at the party even if someone comes dressed as the same character.
  9. Wigs. If you love to wear wigs, this is a great opportunity to do so. Tinkerbell can appear commonly as a blonde or a redhead, so take your pick. Of course feel free to use your own hair if it naturally matches Tinkerbell’s traditional style.
  10. Generic – Most types of general or non specific fancy dress party, especially seasonal ones are the perfect opportunity to wear this costume, unlike some other cosume types which have to be worn specifically at a themed event.

So there are 10 reasons for you to consider Tinkerbell Outfits when looking for a fancy dress costume.

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