Tinkerbell Fancy Dress

Tinkerbell Fancy Dress – For bringing some fairy magic to the party!

Tinkerbell Fancy DressWhat girl did not want to be Tinkerbell when she first heard the story of Peter Pan? Well you can now be that wonderful magical green costume wearing and feisty fairy with your very own Tinkerbell Costume.

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Tinkerbell Fancy Dress Costumes

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Wearing a Tinkerbell fancy dress costume adds a lot to the party. What other costumes are there out there that come in a shade of green and yellow? Not many, especially and that’s forgetting the pair of wings. So you will definitely stand out as a unique figure at the party. They are all quite reasonably priced too, which is always good. So venture into the magical fantasy world of peter pan and be the kind yet feisty fairy Tinkerbell.

If you have not seen the Disney cartoon version of this now infamous character then you can watch a promotional trailer from the cartoon movie below. If you are a Tinkerbell fan, then you will want to watch it. It is not one of those very strong Disney classics, but it is still a good yarn and worth a watch. I would say rent a copy unless you are a hardcore fan that loves to collect everything Tinkerbell.

Anyway, back to the Tinkerbell Outfit, one thing that you probably will wish to remember to do is to make sure you get the correct accessories with your Tinkerbell Fancy Dress costume. Now the costume should already come with wings, so you do not need to worry about that. You may wish to get a wig though to complete that other-worldly magical pixie look. You will definitely want to get yourself a wand. You are a fairy. You need to cast some magic. The other thing is what type of shoes to get. They should of course match the colour of the outfit, so do pay attention.

Tinkerbell is a timeless character and let’s face it, when is a beautiful fairy ever not welcome at a party? Unless there is an explicit fairy ban or specific guidance on what costumes you are allowed to wear and what you are not, then the answer to that question it is practically always fine to wear a fairy costume.

So, we hope you have found these tips of Tinkerbell Fancy Dress Costumes useful and can now go out and find your perfect Tinkerbell outfit.

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